Our Mission

We’re on a mission to connect you with your hard to find, favorite products on your bucket list and get the right set of comparison across the leading e-commerce websites. TruePicShop has superior image recognition technology that makes shopping with image searches easier than ever before. In this way, customers can get what they exactly want within minutes. Moreover, to elevate their shopping experience, the app compares prices of a captured product from all the partner websites, allowing users to quickly buy their favorites.

We’re Passionate to
Prioritize Enriched Customer Experience

We’re making shopping with Image Recognition possible in minutes! Right from providing you a unique shopping experience we extend our services to let you share your findings with your friends and family via social media. The app is an all-in-one platform allowing you to make new friends worldwide, share your favorite products with acquaintances, and shop seamlessly.  We’re partnered with top sellers like Amazon, allowing you to find similar items by photo with detailed object recognition and turn product buying easy breezy.

Elevate your Shopping Experience
with TruePicShop

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